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Anu’s Yoga classes are warm and inspiring; peaceful and invigorating. Her style is a vinyasa flow which connects the breath with movement. She encourages you to find that space between effort and surrender. She incorporates yoga philosophy in her classes and in doing so asks participants to find the thread that connects us all in mind, body and spirit. Her classes are open to all levels.

Enjoy Anu’s healing touch with Reiki. The basic concept underlying reiki is that the body has an energy field that is central to its health. This energy travels in certain pathways and can, over time, become weakened and even blocked.  Anu can detect these blockages and by accessing the universal life energy, improve and unblock your energy flow.  A treatment with Anu feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you, treating the whole body while invoking feelings of relaxation, peace and well being.

Quantum Healing
Are you feeling stuck, frustrated or powerless and you don’t know what to do? Let Anu guide you through a transformative process by showing you how to raise your level of awareness with a Quantum Healing session. Experiences, negativity, thoughts and patterns are stored at the cellular level of our bodies. This information is anchored to our emotions that when triggered creates certain behaviors in us. Quantum Healing is a release at that deep cellular level and when tapped into can release these patterns permanently giving you a new perspective and allowing solutions to flow freely.

Egyptian Numerology
If you’ve ever wondered about your true purpose in life, a sacred Egyptian Numerology session with her can answer whatever questions you may have. This type of Egyptian numerology can delve deeper into your talents, life purpose, life challenges and help you find your true potential.



I have worked with Anu on several occasions. I have had numerous emotional issues that came up after my father passed away. Various fears, inhibitions and crippling depression had manifested as many physical ailments in my body. Anu helped me tackle my fears and self doubts through quantum healing and helped me regain health through reiki. Anu acted as a therapist as well, as I felt I could talk to her very easily about my problems. She had a solution for everything I was suffering at the time. I can safely say and with surety that Anu is extremely competent and knowledgeable. She is also compassionate which makes it extremely easy to talk to her. I have full faith in putting myself in her hands to be physically and emotionally healed.

Thank you

P. Sawhney’

I’ve been practicing yoga for over 15 years, exploring nearly every style with a host of instructors – some better than others; but never have I found a better connection than I had with Anu. Her move away from the Carolinas was surprisingly disruptive for me and it took over two years of wandering from studio to studio before I found instruction on par with what I had come to take for granted with Anu. Her progressions from pose to pose are always well thought out, never awkward or stilted. Her demeanor is gentle yet demanding. She has a unique way of pushing her pupils to their limits. When instructors have a classroom of students at various levels within their personal practice, achieving that is much easier said than done. Anus gift is her ability to bring people of all levels to the same place…where they feel challenged, but never overwhelmed or deficient. She carries a positive energy that is difficult to articulate, but evident when you are around her. I miss her not only as an instructor but also as a presence in my life.


Anu is a fantastic healer with very uplifting healing energies. I’ve walked out of every healing session with her feeling very centered and grounded. She is a very intuitive healer and seems to address issues that have not yet consciously manifested, so as time progresses you gain insight as sudden ‘aha’ moments without going through any drama yourself….which has been enormously helpful to me.

S. Iyer

Anu is a gifted teacher who embodies the warmth, knowledge, skill and experience that is needed to help anyone begin or deepen their yoga practice and take it to the next level. I took Anu’s classes for many years and always enjoyed the experience. I credit her with giving me the gift of a dedicated yoga practice. She has great verbal cues that help you get in and out of a pose safely. She has a gentle and kind way of leading you through an excellent flow class. I have since become an instructor myself and realize the level of dedication she has to maintain that level of teaching.

C. Hohl

Working with Anu has been a joy. She immediately tapped in and illuminated things needing to shift. With her kind and compassionate support, I feel I can finally get my health back on track. She is an invaluable practitioner/life coach and I look forward to more work with her.

E. Heartsong

Anu Garg is the most profound and incredible healer that I’ve ever encountered. She can channel this beautiful energy in a way that no other reiki healer I’ve found can. The energy always goes exactly where I need it. In a matter of weeks my joint pain was gone for the first time in 5 years since I contracted Lymes disease. Anu has also taken me through a process of quantum healing that resonated deeply helping me to release negative past experiences and repressed emotions. Afterwards, I felt completely centered and powerful. Anu taught me how to tap into my own empowerment and stay that way. When guiding you she is incredibly intuitive and gentle in her approach and I found myself able to open up and unburden myself with ease. She is able to intuitively know exactly how to help release energies, emotions, and even physical illnesses that do not serve us. Anu has changed my life in so many ways helping me to get through the most challenging time of my life. At the age of 42, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy, to the amazement of my doctors, (one being the foremost fertility doctor in NY), who had told me it would be impossible to get pregnant – I credit much of that to Anu’s healing abilities. She is truly a wonder and I feel blessed to have her in my life. I recommend her to anyone! She is truly gifted and a gentle, compassionate, beautiful soul. I am so incredibly grateful and happy that our paths have crossed. She has helped me evolve to a new level of personal development and happiness in my life.

A. Revell