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Electro-Slim Body Sculpting

The Future of Body Sculpting and Total Fitness is Here

Electro-Slim body sculpting is a treatment that specializes in reducing exercise resistant fat as well as build muscle through the use of skin contact electrodes. The electrodes deliver waves of pulses with a repetitive variable pulse frequency to specific targeted areas to sculpt and reshape the body. These pulse waves produce rhythmic and powerful muscle contractions that result in both muscle rehabilitation and rapid fat reduction. The personalized nutritional program we create for you coupled with the recommended treatment we provide to particular muscle groups breaks down adipose fat while simultaneously increasing blood circulation, resulting in localized toning, weight loss and improved health. The treatment takes place in a private room of the salon, where the client lies down, relaxes, and enjoys soft music and the smell of aromatherapy candles.

After the client is relaxed and comfortable in this soothing environment, the specialized technician connects 12 strategically placed electrodes on multiple target cireas. The Electro-slim begins it feels more like a localized massage and also reduces stress. Some clients are so relaxed they often fall asleep. A full treatment program can result in a loss of several centimeters in the treatment area. Our clients state they feel more youthful, refreshed, beautiful, and energized. What an achievement in only one hour per session!

Every 60-minute treatment is equivalent to results normally attained by up to several hours of physical exercise. The improved blood circulation results in the strengthening of the heart, while eliminating fatty deposits and toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system. can today for a free consultation at (410) 571-2758 and please don’t hesitate to c,111 with any questions you may have, we are under new ownership as of August 1st 2015 and we would love to show you what our new and improved Body Wellness Spa has to offer!

Recommended treatment: One (1) hour session, 2 to 4 times per week based on your desired results. Electro-Slim Technology is an FDA approved treatment with no side effects and many positive health benefits. Finally, eliminate those “exercise resistant” areas and create the body you always wanted with the Electro-Slim program.